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Another picspam for [ profile] merlin_land  (go Team Arthur!), this one on the incredibly slashy and wonderful pairing of Merlin/Gwaine. I have been shipping these two since July, and the actual episode did not disappoint! Gwaine is such a great character, and his dynamic with Merlin puts Lancelot to shame xD Plus, the writers are so shipping them. I mean, look at the title of this spam - I'm not making this stuff up! ;)

Warning: Possible spoilers if you haven't seen the episode yet.

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The second picspam for round six of [ profile] merlin_land , this one focusing on Sophia, or rather, a love story between a girl and her cape.

If you're into Merlin and haven't joined [ profile] merlin_land , round seven is just about to start (and [ profile] teamarthur  could really use some more people lol), so now's the perfect time to sign up!

Potential spoilers if you haven't seen the episode. Lyrics are from 'The Lighthouse' by The Hush Sound.

merlin_land picspam - batgurl88

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The first of two picspams for roud six of [ profile] merlin_land  (Go [ profile] teamarthur !!). This one may seem like I pulled a random ship out of a bag, but I am actually a huge Freya/Vivian shipper (it all started with a total misreading of someone's fic summary that led me to wondering what would've happened if enchanted Vivian had run into stuck-in-a-lake Freya... Add in the whole naming confusion the writers created by changing the Lady of the Lake to Freya and naming a character Vivian in the next episode, and a ship was born)!

May be a tad(?) spoilery if you haven't seen either episode... Lyrics are from the song 'The Lady of the Lake'

merlin_land picspam - batgurl88 
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Second picspam for [ profile] merlin_land , this one focusing on Lady Vivian, who I have some amount of love and appreciation for (she was rude, yes, but there was something unconventional about her, and she really was unfairly shafted in the end). None of the characters could find a kind word for her, but she wasn't evil - just spoiled.

WARNING: May contain some spoilers for those who haven't seen the episode.

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A.K.A. Camelot Unconscious

Part one of my picspams for the latest picspam challenge at [ profile] merlin_land, because the cast are so pretty when they're sleeping. If you like Merlin, you should definitely check it out (and join Team Arthur!).

The song lyrics are from 'Mad World' by Gary Jules, because it always makes me think of dreams and sleeping.

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The second of my two Merlin picspams for [ profile] merlin_land , this one focusing on the cracky love that is Arthur/Vivian, because it's fun. Also because Bradley James is hilarious, and Georgia Moffett is gorgeous.

WARNING: Potential spoilers for those that haven't seen the episode.

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One of what will hopefully be two picspams for the picspam challenge at [info]merlin_land, because there's not enough love for Freya (who is, IMO, one of the most sensible female characters the show ever had). Incidentally, if you like Merlin, you should definitely check it out (and join Team Arthur /shameless plug). 
WARNING: potential spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen the episode.

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